April 20, 2007

Work In Progress

Well - I've finally started to seriously develop an idea into a multi-faceted story that is actually leading me in directions I couldn't have anticipated.

2,218 words and counting...

UPDATE: at the end of 4/20, I was at 3,481 words.

April 18, 2007

Suspense Technique #1 - Mystery

Below are my first and second entries from the "Suspense Techniques" contest over at Wayne Thomas Batson's blog Enter the Door Within. The technique was Mystery.


Kendall clutched Elliot's hand just as he lost his footing. With a stab of panic she felt her palm start to sweat and Elliot's hand slightly slip. Rocks and pebbles began to slide beneath her tennis shoes and onto Elliot's arm and head. A terrified, pleading expression masked his usually handsome features. Kendall knew if she couldn't figure out a way to pull Elliot back onto the path, he would meet the same fate as the rest of their classmates.


Each carefully placed step Alanna took on the forest floor, crackled and crunched almost deafeningly through the still midnight air. She must not wake the others in the camp, she knew to do so would mean her death. King Haldor had made sure to send his best warriors to deliver her safely this time.

The few glowing embers of the long-dead fire cast low shadows over each tent as she passed. Alanna held her breath as she delicately made her way past the Captain's tent. He would not soon forget their last meeting and how her escape had humiliated the King's most respected war hero. Her sympathy toward the enemy could've cost the King his throne. This was the Captain's final chance to remain in the King's favor; dead or alive, he must retrieve the King's most treasured possession: his daughter, Princess Alanna.

April 17, 2007

Another Contest

On Quest Writer, Eve Nielson's blog, there is a really cool contest to win a free custom-designed blog page. She has a few samples up already. Check it out!

A Great Opportunity

Lately, I've been having tons of fun over at Wayne Thomas Batson's blog, Enter the Door Within. He's running contests to win signed copies and special editions of his books. The real joy, however, has been the actual contests themselves.

He's challenged all who visit to enter by writing up to two submissions for each of his "Suspense Techniques." There are seven techniques in all, and the contest is still open to absolutely anyone. Many of the entries are written by authors, like me, who are unpublished.

It's been a total blast, and I've met some amazing people. Many are authors, as well as Christians. We give each other constructive criticism and lots of encouragement, and feel we're in the company of friends. Needless to say, I've found a niche there.

I've been able to stretch my writing to new heights and have discovered styles I had never dreamed of trying before. I'll be posting some of my entries here in the future.

I encourage all to at least check it out, under the Contests label, and maybe pluck up the courage to enter. It's a fantastic challenge and so much fun. I'm very thankful for the opportunities, Wayne has provided through his "Suspense Techniques."

April 15, 2007

New Article by Yours Truly...

Well, yesterday I was inspired by a fellow writer and homeschool mom, and wrote an article about socialization and homeschooling.

Check it out if you have a few minutes to kill.

Homeschooling Solutions to Socialization Issues.

The Beginning...

A person wiser than me once said that all authors, published or unpublished, are just that - authors. As an unpublished author, my quest begins. This blog will be used for many different purposes. Mostly as a place for like-minded people to congregate and support each other as we all turn the "Pages of Discovery."