May 20, 2007

CSFF Blog Tour - Day Two

As I was perusing The Sword Review, I soon realized that here lay a great outlet for as-of-yet unpublished authors. They encourage students as well as amature writers to submit poems and short stories, but hold high standards of quality.

I haven't had time to explore a lot of the site due to the fact that my daughter and I are scheduled to leave for two weeks starting bright and early tomorrow morning.

Even so, I've been able to gather the sense that it's a place where young and not-so-young artists and writers can share and communicate with readers via the discussion forums. Feedback is such a valuable asset, especially to those of us who've yet to be published.

There is a fair collection of cover art as well. I would advise anyone to check it out and see if you can't find something that speaks to you as a Spec. Fiction fan.

Make sure to check out what others thought of the site too. I've added a link list of CSFF Blog Tour participants on the sidebar.

CSFF Blog Tour Begins...

Welcome Friends!
This is my first time participating in the CSFF Blog Tour. I'm a day early, and therefore, will only be posting the link with a promise that a review or two is soon to follow.