September 17, 2010

Open During Construction

Judging just by the last post date, it's safe to say I've been gone for quite some time now.  And when I came back I realized that cobwebs were collecting in the corners, thus I decided it was time for a change!  I've got a new layout, new approach, and LOTS of new ideas. 

Coming soon...

I'm rejoining the CSFF Blog Tour this month for the sole purpose of promoting two of my favorite author buddies:  Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper.  I'll be posting a review of their newest book, Venom and Song, book two in The Berinfell Prophecies, interviews with the authors, and a few other goodies to get you sucked into the world these two amazing guys have created.

In the future...

I'm spending this year to focus on developing the craft of writing.  I've decided to join NaNoWriMo this year and will post updates on that madness.  I'll also be blogging about my other writing projects big and small.  But this is the year for me to really sink my teeth into my writing.  I plan to take full advantage!

I'll also be continuing to do my own reviews besides the tours.  I read so many books that it just seems like a waste not to continue to review them all.  I may even venture into discussing movies, tv shows, and music.

Also - I may be introducing a game or regular feature soon.

Overall, I have big plans to be around this part of the bloggy world a lot more often now.  Scoot over neighbors and make some room, cuz here I come!  ;)

Until next time,