June 15, 2007

Suspense Techniques Contest

No way! I just found out today that, along with my buddy EverlastingScribe, I've won Suspense Technique #2. We tied! Yay! Now, I not only get to be honored by having my piece win, but I get to share the honor with a fellow member of "The Fellowship of the Pen."

The technique was Intense Emotion. Here is my entry:

The view from the upstairs balcony was of tangled and gnarled branches, parched grass, and the remnants of what was once the most envied rose garden in the entire county. Brach leaned over the rickety wrought iron railing, trying to catch a glimpse of the ancient oak that had once supported his boyhood tree house. It had all started there.

As he stood in the warm evening air of July, at the back of the house his great-grandfather had built nearly a century ago, a slight breeze caressed his face. He could almost smell her on that breeze, a sweet flowery scent that drove a chill down his neck and back. He closed his eyes; he could see her face glowing in the sunshine as they wrestled on that very lawn so long ago.

His heart began to ache; his legs lost the will to stand. As he collapsed to his knees, Brach felt that he would bleed from the pain of her absence. It was his fault she was gone; his fault her time on earth had been so short; his fault that he would spend the rest of his days alone. His breath came in great gasps as he fought against mounting sobs. Deep in his soul, he knew he had no right to mourn her loss. It was for himself that he wept.

Brach swallowed his grief, and inside him, it transformed into anger and rage. Despising himself for his selfishness, he let out a roar of desperation that shook the loose panes of a nearby window. Shattering as they hit the ground, the panes of glass were yet one more casualty at the hands of a man who had caused more pain than joy for those he knew.

What is the prize? A signed copy of the "Lost Chapters" edition of The Door Within. As many of you know, Wayne Thomas Batson (best-selling author of The Door Within Trilogy)has been somewhat of a long distance, internet mentor to me. This means more to me than I can express in words right now. I'm inspired, joyful, honored, but most of all THANKFUL.

God has brought to my attention His will for me to write and with the help and fellowship of many faithful companions, I am writing and it feels amazing. Following the Lord's will usually does. His carefully arranged plan is unfolding bits at a time and the more it does, the more I see His hand in it all. He's brought into my life the people and environment in which I may learn and develop the craft of writing - what a blessing!


Unknown said...

Awesome job, girl!!

Amy Browning said...

Thanks! I'm truly honored and blessed by all this.

everlastingscribe said...

:-D Congrats! Being tied with you does make this really special!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I finally caught up on your blog ;) I have a few things to write about on mine, but won't get a chance until at least tonight, after work. It all depends on how I feel though.

But this piece was definitely deserving of recognition. Many of your pieces are interesting, but this one had a flow to it I haven't seen yet, and I really want to know what exactly this guy did. And the cry of desperation was a little chilling, so the emotion is definitely tangible. Yay, good job!