July 2, 2007

Fantasy 4 Fiction Tour

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This week we're taking a look at an awesome book tour called the Fantasy 4 Fiction Tour. The authors:

*Wayne Thomas Batson: The Door Within Trilogy and Isle of Swords (coming 8/07)
*Christopher Hopper: The Rise of the Dibor and The White Lion Chronicles
*Sharon Hinck: The Becky Miller Books, and The Sword of Lyric Series
*Bryan Davis: Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire

Four amazing fantasy authors in one place - at the same time! If you're in the area - DON'T MISS THIS!

If you're stuck over on the West Coast, like me, at least check out their websites and pick up a book or two at your local book store (Christian or secular). Ask for them, and if they aren't carrying them, for some CRAZY reason - demand - okay request - that they get it in.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting all the dates and locations of the tour.


WayneThomasBatson said...

Amy, thanks for posting all the info AND the banner! Suh-weet!!

I like the word "demand." ;-)

Oh, and just for clarity. We misprinted on the initial ad for the Tour. It's not four bestselling authors. (Hopeful thinking there) Just say Four Incredible Fantasy Authors or something like that.


Christopher Hopper said...

Thanks for your support, Amy! What a blessing! Really appreciate you sticking us in your blog.


Amy Browning said...

No problem guys! I'm happy to do my own little part.

I fixed the 'oops' and btw - I like the word "demand" too. :)

The genre of Christian Fantasy is growing in acceptance and the entire (to use one of your words, Wayne) "revolution" is gaining steam.

It's an exciting time in literary history, if you ask me.

Sharon Hinck said...

Hi, Amy!
Thanks so much for posting about us!
I hope you get to enjoy the tour vicariously even though you're on the opposite coast.
Hugs, Sharon

Amy Browning said...

Thanks Sharon!

I'm so excited that 3 of the Fantasy 4 have made it by my little blog so far!

My prayers are with you all. May God speak to many people through your efforts and service.