August 30, 2007

Laptops, and Puppies, and Surgery, Oh My!

What a week! As the title implies, at least three major events have, will, or may happen within the next couple of days.

For our 10th wedding anniversary, Jeff surprised the socks off of me: a brand new laptop!!! Wow! This is the most unexpected surprise ever. Our anniversary isn't until September 13th, so it was early, and I also never would've guessed that I'd get my very own laptop. I've only ever had a family computer in my life, never my very own. I was so blown away that I could barely speak. I just kept looking at it in disbelief and smiling until me cheeks hurt.

I didn't even know we could afford it. Jeff's been doing tons of sidework lately and he's been skimming off of each job and hiding the money. I had no clue. Jeff's not really a planned surprise kind of guy. I'm the one always planning surprise parties and holiday stuff. He wins. I can't top that.

So - it's an Acer Aspire 5570Z. It has a dvd burner, a 5 in one memory stick port, and every kind of flash drive and USB thing a girl could need, it also has an Intel dual core processor, and tons of movie-making media stuff. I'll be able to do EVERYHING and more with this thing.

I feel so blessed! It's not the thing, it's all the stuff that the thing represents. As some of you know, I've had my share of health issues. With a laptop, I can write, blog, and chat from my recliner or bed if need be. Even when I'm healthy, I'll be able to take it to the park, coffee shop, or on road trips. To me, the laptop will provide freedom that I will use and enjoy greatly. Jeff knows this. He gets it. He knows exactly what this little piece of technology really means to me. That is the reason I feel blessed - I feel blessed to be married to a man that will do his best to provide for me in any way he can.

Big event #2: The Puppy!

It's not official yet. We will find out on Saturday whether or not the puppy still needs a home, but we may have a new addition to our family. We've been praying our hearts out about this. We only want to make this kind of committment if it's what God wants for our family. We're not rushing into anything - we're taking our time. I guess I shoud start at the beginning.

I called Jeff at work Monday morning, just to say hi. He absolutely gushed about a little dog that his buddy from work had with him. It turns out that this guy's puppy has a sister that looks just like him and needs a home, possibly. As far as this guy knows, the friend he got his puppy from has a little girl and will give it to us for free. He won't know until Saturday because he can't see his friend until then. He's going to call us Sat. morning.

The puppy is a dark golden color with a white patch on its chest. It has a short smooth coat and a straight tail. The breed sounds like it wouldn't be that cute, but then I saw a picture on the web and was shocked. It's a Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier mix. The fact that it's a mutt is great; they have better tempermants and are friendlier toward people. The puppy has folded over ears and a kind of rounded muzzle (very un-Chihuahua-ish). I'm really not usually into smaller dogs, but if this is what we're supposed to have, then I can handle it. Plus, our yard isn't super big and we already have three cats.

I've been trying all week to not get too excited. I don't want us to make any decisions based on emotion. I know that any puppy will be loved by me, I just want to make sure we don't just go crazy for it because it's cute. We've actually been talking about getting a dog for almost a year now. No doors have opened in that direction, so we've just been holding out. Now though, there's potentially a puppy that needs a home, we've got the room, we've got the desire, we're ready for the responsibility, and if it's still available, it will be ours.

Okay - surgery. Jeff is getting a certain procedure done tomorrow afternoon. It's, shall we say, personal and involves us not wanting any more children. :)

Well - my battery is running low now. I'm sure I'll be updating about the puppy on Saturday. Until then - have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend.


Unknown said...

Lol! Jeff is probably thrilled to have that on the internet!

Laptop-my dream! So glad for ya, girl.

Sounds like your already in love witht he puppy...

R.E. Johnson said...

It's nice to catch up. I was going to post this on the blog, but everytime I hit update journal, I get an error message, so I guess I'll have to e-mail everyone. I don't think I can continue being an editor.

Amy Browning said...

Yeah - I haven't had time to do much editing either. I know it's slowed down now and it will probably never pick up again. Ah well - it was fun while it lasted. It's so great to hear from you. Keep checking here - I'll be updating regularly.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the severing of the ductus defrons. I had it done a number of years ago and I'm quite glad I did. In fact, I think everyone should do it, even before they have kids!