September 22, 2007

A-M-Y is M-I-A...

One word: bronchitis. I've been taken out of the game of life for about a week now. I'm on antibiotics, but so far, to no avail. Fever, body aches, and the cough - oh, the cough. It's deep and thick and crackling - ugh! Because of my asthma, they put me on these horse pills of antibiotics. It could be dangerous for me to develop pnemonia.

In addition to the anitbiotics and cough syrup, my doc perscribed the only drug I will absolutely refuse: Prednisone. As many of my close friends know, I was destroyed by the drug two years ago; six months of 60mg per day. That spelled mood changes, body temperature irregularity, weight gain, moon face (it seriously looked like a dinner plate), and loss of bone density. I'm still recovering from the weight gain and bone density loss, and won't head down that road again.

The good news is that I actually don't need the steroids anyway; my asthma has been in check. I've been taking really good care of myself and doing my nebulizer treatments and all that jazz. I'll do whatever it takes to avoid Prednisone.

So - if anyone is wondering where I've disappeared to or why I haven't responded - now you know. As soon as I'm on the mend, I'll be catching up with everyone.

This sickness has seriously knocked the stuffing out of me. I've dealt with some severe chronic health problems, but this thing is a monster. It's the infection that wouldn't die! If I'm not noticing improvement by Monday, I'm supposed to go see my doc. We'll see...

All prayers are welcome! Until next time - remember that as God closes one door in our path, He always opens three others, we just need to keep our eyes and hearts open and take that step of faith.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

It's been a while since we've talked, hasn't it? This post was a while ago so I hope you're doing much much better. I'm currently without a computer at home, likely until the end of the year or even later, but I can catch up on e-mail at work, like now. Let me know how you're doing soon, k?


Skate.Read.Write. said...

Hey mommy i realy like this blog its realy cool. I hope you feel better and have a great restful day.

Love, Kailee

Skate.Read.Write. said...

Hey mommy i like all the things on here. Hi sara i just think its so cool.