November 12, 2007


This just sort of popped up one night and I had to get it out. There is no place for it in any story, but it began a whole new train of thought, an autobiographical one. So without further ado, here are my musings:

As a kid I dreamed of the future and knew many aspects of life would change. I truly had no clue that I was to be a part of one of the most amazing times in history. So many developments and inventions, ideas and awarenesses, and information and perspectives have flooded our collective conciousness.

Born in 1977, I was a child of the eighties, a teenager of the nineties, and an adult of the new millenium. This year, 2007, I turned thirty and feel yet again on the cusp of change. My environment changes, as do I, yet delliniating one from the other is nearly impossible. The age old debate of nature versus nuture really has no platform on which to stand. My world and myself shift in waves of awareness broken only upon the shores of the unchanged and the unchangable. These timeless beaches of truth exist for us all, yet few recognize the shore and insist that the sea must extend beyond the boundaries of absolute truth.

My goals and dreams from childhood hold no less mysticism than they did twenty years ago. I'm now old enough to see just how simply my ten-year-old mind had imagined the future, and young enough to see that simplicity is beautiful and fulfilling yet difficult to attain. Someday, I may aspire to lead a more complicated life, but that won't be for many years to come. Perhaps I'll retire, lose some of those whom I hold dearest, and pray for action and excitement to distract my deteriorating mind. Hopefully, regardless of those around me, I'll have a reliance on my faith and my ultimate destination that will carry me through my final years on the earth.

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