August 5, 2008


Well - I've finally done it. Construction is well underway for my first book. I don't yet have a title, but I have lots of notes, note cards, and a completed first two chapters. Yay!

I'm learning so much as I write. I'm using notes, but only to a degree. I'm wide open to let the story take me where it will. For a while, I was stuck on the notion of having to have the whole book planned or mostly planned out in my head, but now am only planning major plot points and I don't even have most of those yet. However, writing is taking place and characters have been born, and the whole thing is really coming together.

Right now, the thing I'm trying to keep in mind is pacing. I don't want to get too caught up in description, or too worried about speeding the plot along. I'm finding that a balance between the two is a little easier than I originally thought.

It feels amazing to actually sit down and type out scenes that I've only outlined and watch them take shape. It's so cool to see a few scribbles on note cards turn into real scenes with action and dialogue. I've decided that even if I don't end up seeking publication for this first book, I'll keep on writing and value this first one as the best learning experience I've had in writing.

I've heard other authors say how important it is to write daily, and I'm finding that even on days when I don't feel inspired or think maybe nothing will come of it - that it's worth it to try. I finally decided that even if I scrap all I've written in a day (which I have yet to do), it's still so rewarding just to get something written.

My internal battle with the editor-me vs. the writer-me is actually working out quite well. I will do my best to get something out first - anything. Then I let myself obsessively edit and rewrite. The end product is a pretty smooth rough draft. I'm totally satisfied with that.

I've found too, that writing is very good for me. I can feel myself learning and changing and growing as a writer and a person. In spite of my health problems, I have a definite purpose. I only pray that God will guide me and use me as His instrument of grace. I want to tell stories that glorify Him, however directly or indirectly that may be. It's all in God's hands and I'm so excited about that.

Until next time...


Shane Deal said...

That's exactly how I feel about writing as I am working on my first book.

Amy Browning said...

In what genre are you writing? Mine is a children's fantasy fiction.

Unknown said...

Ya Amy!!