October 20, 2009

Day 2 - CSFF Blog Tour: Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy

Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy
by Eric Wilson

Book One:  Field of Blood
                                    "1989: Scores of Romanian children contract a life-threatening virus. In Jerusalem, the same year, an ancient tomb is broken into.

Gina Lazarescu is a girl caugtht between an unknown past and a dark future. Will she stand in the gap against the rising evil? Or become victim to it?

Death is not a question. It is the answer. Welcome to a world that hides before your eyes."  (Summary from Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy's website:  HERE.)

Book Two:  Haunt of the Jackals
"1211: Crusaders ship tons of soil from Jerusalem back to Italy, convinced of its holy properties. But something unholy has joined them.

1944: Allied bombs destroy a cemetery only yards from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A fire rages. A tomb is opened.

In our modern world, Gina Lazarescu is a young woman caught trying to forgive her mother and track down her father. If she fails at either task, she will die."  (Summary from Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy's website:  HERE.)

Book Three:  Valley of Bones

"1911: Rasputin, advisor to the Russian tsars, travels to Jerusalem to unlock hidden relics, both sacred and profane.

2004: With yet another tragedy in her wake, Gina Lazarescu makes a discovery that renews her hope for the future.

Even as Akeldama Collectors amass forces, Gina and Cal search Jerusalem for a secret that will raise up their own holy army--a valley of bones prepared to fight for the souls of mankind."  (Summary from Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy's website:  HERE.)

Join me back tomorrow for some more about Eric Wilson.


KM Wilsher said...

Oh, I like this. I am thinking Valley of the Bones will be the best of the three.

Great post!

Jeff Draper said...

Amy, this might also be interesting to you regarding the comment you left on my blog.