May 8, 2007

Our Upcoming Trip

Fast approaching is our trip down to California. I'll be driving one of my parents' cars down for them as they move all their worldly belongings back to the town whence we all came.

My grandmother is battling a rare lung disease and needs the care of my parents. She isn't yet saved, so the mission is that much more urgent. It's amazing to see the obedience to God that my mom and dad are showing. They're leaving all of their family to go on a long and difficult journey toward a woman whose resistance to all things Christian boggles the mind.

During such a difficult time, our entire family up here in Washington is pulling together in support of each other. We're throwing a going away/birthday BBQ this Saturday. My brother, myself and my daughter will all be driving down to ease the transition. I get to stay for two weeks and hopefully ease my own transition. I've only ever lived a few hours away from my parents and this is all pretty sudden.

The bonus is that I know I'll at least get to see my grandmother once before the end. I only pray that she'll see the love and sacrifice of my parents and recognize God's love in them. Though I may never know.

Another plus is that me and my daughter will get to spend time in the town I grew up in. The last time we were there she was only about three years old, so she didn't retain a lot from the trip. I'll now get to share the wonders of my childhood with her on a level that will make an impact on her for sure.

The biggest downside of the entire trip will be that Jeff will be here and I there. We've only ever spent two days apart in our nearly ten years of wedded bliss. I know I'll need his comfort and support and receive it no matter how distant we be. However, I feel led to go.

I'm sure I'll be struck with inspiration galore and get some writing done while I'm away from home. The beaches, sunsets and familiarity will definitely infiltrate my imagination - hopefully.

As it all comes to pass, I'll be keeping my blog updated and any who read it shall be thus kept in the proverbial loop.

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