September 21, 2009

An Update From Deep Within the Pages

After months of inactivity or sparse posting, I'm happy to announce that I'm now in the perfect position to return to my regular blogging. The following is just an update on what's been happening in my life since I last posted, followed by what I plan to do virtually as well as actually.


I've been reading like crazy. Check out my Shelfari. I've been updating that fairly religiously. I've been knee-deep in Fantasy Fiction. I'm rereading the first two books in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series, because I've just acquired the third book, which was released earlier this year. (Look for reviews coming soon.) I finished The Alchemyst three days ago, and am now about halfway through The Magician. The third, and as yet never read by me, book is called The Sorceress.


Apart from my usual jotting down of random ideas, my writing in the past few months has been pretty stagnant. Today, however, I managed to copy a bunch of files from my desktop onto my laptop. In doing so, I discovered quite a few documents that I'd completely forgotten about. I went through many of them and discovered something that completely motivated me. I really do believe God has blessed me with some skill in writing. Doubt is my biggest foe, and its all self-inflicted.

I vow, here and now, to persistently battle my doubt in my own ability. Through "The One True King" I shall arise the victor! All prayers are welcome.

Today I realized and remembered a few things I need to do:
  • Write daily.
  • Use the drive and ability to write that I've been blessed with.
  • Be prayerful in my writing process.
  • Don't forget the fellowship I get and give through the blogging network of Christian authors I've become associated with.
  • Go back and read what I wrote long ago. Great ideas can come from unassuming Word docs with the title Notes or something similar.
  • Have faith in everything I do (especially my writing)!


My daughter, now 11, and I just began our fourth year of homeschooling. We're doing our 6th grade year. I'm really excited about the changes in difficulty and content we'll be dealing with this year. Math gets more complex, Science delves deeper into concepts only previously touched on, and English contains far more opportunities to teach writing. We'll be doing some extra-curricular creative writing as well. Just for fun.

After a summer of camps, sleepovers, and plenty of pool time, even my daughter is ready to get back to work. The ice cream truck won't be coming around for too much longer now. Aw man - that means I don't get anymore frozen lemonade cups - too yummy.

I've been busy planning for lessons and correcting papers, while Kailee is doing independent work and developing a voracious appetite for books. We're a much better team now. I think our starting-off years are over and we're both a lot more comfortable with the whole homeschool gig. We slipped right back into our groove this fall and I couldn't be more happy about it.

Coming Soon...

  • I will be updating all sections of my blog's information.
  • I'll be blogging regularly.
  • I plan to devote at least a small portion of each day to writing.
  • More book reviews!!!
  • I'll be making my rounds to all my net nerds and blog buds to check in and check out what everyone's been up to lately. (I'll update any exciting news as I come across it.)

See you soon.


R.E. Johnson said...

Don't forget laziness! Or, maybe that's just my biggest foe. I could've written a series by now if I wasn't so lazy in my writing.

Unknown said...

I'm holding you to your writing, girl! :)